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Is Winston Ready To Be A Top 10 Fantasy QB? – Z. Putteet

by Zach Putteet

It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but Jameis Winston has a legit shot at being a top 10 QB in fantasy this season. He’s been in this spot before but ended up being a complete disappointment though he had a strong showing in the 11 games he played in last season. He made a ton of mistakes but put up huge numbers in the process.

Fitzpatrick and Winston finished 21st and 27th respectively in fantasy last season but if you combined the two as one Tampa bay had the second best QB for fantasy. Tampa Bay had a pretty good offense last season and have the potential to send two wide receivers to the Pro Bowl in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, and have an up and coming tight end in OJ Howard. Put all of that together with heavily offensive minded head coach Bruce Arians and this Tampa offense can be very good. With Ryan Fitzpatrick now in Miami, Winston does not have to worry about losing his job to the back up. Even if he makes a lot of mistakes he’s going to have a long leash – it also helps that Arians thinks the world of him.

Tampa Bay has a log way to go to be considered a contender for the division and playoffs. They are likely going to be playing from behind for much of the season, which means Winston could be throwing the ball a lot and racking up numbers. However, that may potentially come with more mistakes from Winston. Last season Patrick Mahomes was projected to be drafted in the 9th round in most fantasy leagues, but that won’t be the case in 2019, which means guys like Jameis Winston will be there in the mid to late rounds. Which gives you a chance to stack your team at other positions.

Overall, I don’t think Jameis Winston is a top 10 fantasy QB just yet. I still think he has to prove himself. Personally, I have him in the 12-14 range as far as fantasy goes. This season is probably his last chance to prove to the Tampa Bay organization that he is their guy so that could be some added motivation for him to have a solid year. If you’re willing to deal with the mistakes, Famous Jameis is a solid mid round pick for your fantasy team.


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