Draft Guide Exclusive: Fantasy Trade Tips – D. Glasser

by Daniel Glasser

There is only one consistent in fantasy football, and that’s change. The landscape of the NFL changes every week and with that, so does the fantasy football landscape. The best way to be able to keep up with the ever-shifting terrain is to adapt as the season goes is by trading, being able to make the right trade is paramount to competing for a fantasy title. There are many factors that go into making a trade and being able to use them to your advantage can get you a better deal than you ever hoped for. 

Tip #1: Play to their weak spots

Being able to have a possible trade partner over-evaluating a player because they see them with rose-colored glasses, or are on their favorite team then you must pounce on the opportunity. At the moment they will be blinded by the thought of having one of their favorite players on their team so us it to your advantage.

Tip #2: Every owner over evaluates their players

Speaking of over-evaluating, ever team over evaluates their players. There is just something about having that player on your team that makes them seem…better than they actually are, this makes it very difficult sometimes to trade with people due to their stubbornness with their players

Tip #3: Always let them send the first offer

The number one rule in business is never making the first offer, it gives your opponent all the power. Once the first offer is sent, you analyze it for a bit, look at who they want and who they are willing to give, remember this is near their floor offer so you can haggle for more than first offered. 

Tip #4: Try to make the trade either in person or over the phone

The biggest mistake I learned in fantasy football is trying to trade over text, people have more time to think and have all the time in the world to think, this can not only halt the trade process but can bring it to a complete stop. Now you have two options to help, the first is to talk to the person over the phone, this not only speeds up the trade process but gives you the opportunity to overwhelm them and get a more spur of the moment decision, but that isn’t the best option for a trade is to do it in person. Doing it in person is not only the best way to trade with someone, but the most effective in getting a better deal. The first big thing to know about trading in person is to do it alone with the person, talking about it in a group adds too many uncontrollable variables, they may side with you but if they side with your opponent it could destroy all trade talks. Now that you have your opponent cornered, trade talks can begin. Overwhelming your competitor can get you not only the trade you wanted but give you even more value


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