Pop, Lock, & Drop It: Week 6 QBs – CJ Krause

by CJ Krause

We are more than one-third of the way through the fantasy season and time has sure flown. This week is the first of the major bye weeks, with the Bills, Bears, Colts, and Raiders on bye. So, the options are a little more limited, but there are still plenty of useful starters left.

Let’s break it down a bit:

A “Pop”- a quarterback outside the Top 15 who I believe has Top 5 upside this week.
A “Lock”- a quarterback that, without injury, I cannot see finishing outside the Top 5 this week.
A “Drop It”- a Top 5 quarterback that has the best chance of finishing outside the Top 12 this week.

As always, we are using 4-points-per-passing-touchdown/-1-points-per-interception scoring.

POP: Kirk Cousins

If the game script goes as predicted, I see Cousins racking up major passing yards. With the Eagles allowing the 6th most passing yards per game while being a strong run defense, I think they will try to eliminate Dalvin Cook and force Kirk Cousins to beat them. With stacked boxes against Dalvin Cook, Kirk should be able to pepper Thielen and Diggs with targets and hopefully exceed the Vikings’ league low of 25.2 pass attempts per game. With elite options and a passing game script, Kirk could have a Pop game.

FLASH FACT! Philly has allowed more passing yards in their two road games than their three home games.
Honorable Mentions: Baker Mayfield vs SEA, Kyle Allen vs TB (London)

LOCK: Patrick Mahomes

DO NOT PANIC AFTER ONE DOWN WEEK! This is why I wanted to put Mahomes here. You drafted him in the second round, do not get cute now. Start the best fantasy QB in the NFL. Even better, Kansas City gets a juicy matchup that could quickly turn into a shoot-out with the Houston Texans, who are allowing the 8th most passing yards per game. I repeat, DO NOT PANIC!

FLASH FACT! Patrick Mahomes has only had one start with a QBR under 50, and that was last week versus the Colts.
Honorable Mentions: Deshaun Watson vs KC, Lamar Jackson vs CIN

DROP IT: Russell Wilson

Honestly, it’s hard to see anybody in the Top 5 finishing outside the Top 12 but Russell has this week’s worst matchup if the Cleveland Browns live up to their potential. With Denzel Ward’s and Greedy Williams’ injuries setting them back, it’s been hard for the Browns defense to shut down wide receivers. BUT with their recovery being day-to-day going into Week 6, there is potential the star corners make their return – and – with that return, throw some cold water on Russell’s white hot season so far.

FLASH FACT! Cleveland is averaging 3 points allowed per game less when both Denzel Ward and Greedy Williams are starting.
Honorable Mentions: Nobody – start your studs.


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