What Do We Do With Stefon Diggs? – Nabeel Lalani

by Nabeel Lalani

Many of us grabbed Stefon Diggs thinking that we would be seeing a “Garbage Time” Kirk Cousins slinging the ball all over the field and getting Diggs the ball on a consistent basis. Alas, Mike Zimmer has decided “NO SOUP FOR YOU!!” and has taken the ball out of Cousins hands and left Diggs wondering what he is doing. How does this impact you while he is on your fantasy roster and you are probably wondering “What the **** do I do with Diggs?”

As of now, Diggs will be mainly a match up type of play in both PPR and non PPR leagues. With his best game coming week 4 against the Chicago Bears with 7 receptions for 108 yards, you would have to consider two things when starting Diggs:

1. Will the game be close? (If it’s a blowout you get garbage time Cousins and a lot of yards)
2. How is the opponents run defense? (If they are bad against the run it will be a heavy run day for Cook)

Outside of playing Diggs for specific match ups, the only thing left to do is wait and pray he gets traded to another team. The next two weeks should show what the Vikings are made of as they will be playing the Eagles, Lions and Redskins. While currently sitting at 3-2 if they lose two of these match ups to NFC opponents and being 4-4 at the trade deadline they may consider trading and getting a haul for him. Some rumors include:





I would think the Vikings would trade Diggs to an AFC opponent over an NFC opponent but who ever will pay more will likely end up with him. The trade talks will prob start with a 1st round pick but will prob be settled for a 2nd round and another conditional pick that could end up being a 2nd rounder.

My recommendation if you have Diggs: unless you are desperate, I would keep him and ride this out. Sooner or later the Vikings will have to pass the ball to win and when that comes Diggs will be there or on another team.


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