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by John O’Mary

So it appears yours truly as a huge dilemma on his hand. I have been asked which young tight end I think will continue to be a top 10 throughout this 100 years anniversary of the National Football league. So will my answer be Mark Andrews from the Baltimore Ravens, Will Dissly of the Seattle Seahawks, or Darren Waller of the Oakland Raiders? Hard decision for this writer to say, but I am going to my best to give you the straight scoop.

Mark Andrews

28 catches, 311 Yards, and 3 touchdowns

Mark has certainly been Lamar Jackson‘s favorite target up to this point in the season. Lamar has shown lots of faith in his young tight end. However, one has to wonder if the Ravens go back to what made them successful last year, being that running game. Will defenses catch up to what the Ravens are doing on offense and will Mark Andrews continue with his earlier success? Can he continue to be that top ten tight end for the rest of the season. The answer is yes, he can. I think Lamar will try to have the special connection with his tight end as Carson Wentz has with Zach Ertz.

Will Dissly

23 catches, 262 yards, and 4 touchdowns

Will has certainly come into his own this season, especially with the play of quarterback Russell Wilson who is in the conversation for MVP. But one must wonder if the Seahawks will not once again rely on the running game that was ranked number one last season. However, I do not believe that will be the case. I look for Dissly to get more chances with the ball.

With Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf in the mix it might hurt his chances for getting big time yards, but one thing that Will does have going for him would be touchdowns in the redzone. A few seasons ago Jimmy Graham made a living catching touchdown passes for Wilson, and Dissly has been filling that role quite well so far this season. I think he could be a low end TE1, maybe TE9 or TE10 at the end of the year.

Darren Waller

37 catches, 359 Yards, 0 touchdowns

This young tight end has been stellar from the beginning of the season. He certainly has been Derek Carr’s favorite target so far as was Jared Cook was last season. His 359 Yards is the most of the three young tight ends. But the zero touchdowns is a concern.

Waller is a large body that should be used down by the goal line. Sure the Raiders have a good young running back that they will likely give plenty of chances to run it in, but I believe that Waller at some point during the season will get the chance to catch those touchdowns. For right now I would put him maybe just slightly outside of the top 10, only because of not catching those touchdowns. But overall he has the most talent of any tight end of the three.

My current ranking of these young TEs…


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