Joe Mixon: Keep, Trade, or Cut??? – Shaun Witriol

by Shaun Witriol

Joe Mixon has been an interesting story this year. Last year he totaled 1,168 yards in 14 games and came out strong behind a weak offensive line. This year he has an even worse offensive line and has amassed a whopping 242 yards in 5 games. His yards per carry has also dropped from 4.9 to 3.7 and has yet to register a rushing TD. It’s a tough season all around for the Bengals, and it doesn’t look to be getting any better.

Right now, he ranks as the RB32 behind Ronald Jones, Peyton Barber, Chris Thompson, and Carlos Hyde. All of whom I would be starting over him in PPR. This is a conundrum, because if you drafted him then you most likely HAVE to start him. The reality here is that you probably have a few other spot starters that you hope are going to hit a homerun from week to week, but it’s a roulette wheel for you – not to mention nerve racking. There is hope though.

With the Bengals heading into Week 6 at 0-5 and facing the Baltimore Ravens – a likely loss, there will be some pieces being moved from the team. The biggest rumors are Green, Boyd, and maybe Mixon all possibly being moved to another team. You’ve got to hold Mixon and hope for the best. He’s too big of a name to drop, and not performing well enough to start him each week. He’s only averaging 13 touches a game, so its recommended that you bench him.

Mixon must become a matchup starter, or you can try to package him up with a WR for an upgrade at a position. Look for a team needing RB depth for a playoff push and continue to monitor the waiver wire. What is your bargaining power? They play the Browns Week 14, currently they are ranked 30th in rushing defense, and they play the Dolphins Week 16, that’s championship week, for your trade bait. Use it towards your advantage and trade high to teams that are struggling. They’re out there, and someone will jump on the bait.


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