Pop, Lock, & Drop It: Week 7 QBs – CJ Krause

by CJ Krause

Welcome to Week 7. Hopefully your teams are still in the hunt with half of the fantasy season gone. If you are hitting a rough patch, remember anything that happens can always happen in reverse. Keep your chin up and fight on.

Let’s break it down a bit:

A “Pop”- a quarterback outside the Top 15 who I believe has Top 5 upside this week.
A “Lock”- a quarterback that, without injury, I cannot see finishing outside the Top 5 this week.
A “Drop It”- a Top 5 quarterback that has the best chance of finishing outside the Top 12 this week.

As always, we are using 4-points-per-passing-touchdown/-1-points-per-interception scoring.

POP: Jared Goff

Speaking of keeping your chin up. this past week was dreadful for Goff and the Rams. Goff scored 1.1 fantasy points, barely edging out Marcus Mariota’s 0.9pts. To put that in perspective, the New Orleans Saints third-string quarterback Taysom Hill – who was only on the field 17% of offensive snaps last week – outscored Jared Goff. Now why would I recommend you start him in Week 7 after such a bust in Week 6? Two words: Atlanta. Falcons. They are one of the worst defenses versus opposing fantasy quarterbacks, allowing on average 24.9 points per game. With one of the strongest receiving cores in the league, I see Goff and the Rams having a big bounce back week.

FLASH FACT! The Miami Dolphins are the only defense allowing more points to opposing quarterbacks on a weekly basis than the Atlanta Falcons.

Honorable mentions: Jimmy Garoppolo Vs Was, Daniel Jones vs Ari

LOCK: Lamar Jackson

The current #1 quarterback in points per game will keep his title this week with a great matchup versus the Seattle Seahawks. Seahawks are in the middle of the pack in both fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks and rushing yards allowed. Now typically that would bode for a mediocre week from a quarterback, but Jackson is no ordinary quarterback: he is also his team’s leading rusher. I’m thinking this will become a battle of the titans shoot-out: Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson being #1 and #2 in fantasy points per week so far. Expect a high scoring game.

FLASH FACT! Lamar Jackson is tied for 23rd in rush attempts in 2019.

Honorable mentions: Russell Wilson vs Bal, Matt Ryan vs LAR

Drop It: Patrick Mahomes

This is my boldest take in a long time, but on a short week and facing an underrated defense in Denver, I could see Mahomes finishing outside the top 12 quarterbacks this week. He has been great, don’t get me wrong, but he hasn’t given you back that 2nd round draft price at Quarterback 5 of the year. AND the Kansas City Chiefs are coming off back to back losses. Denver is also only allowing on average 10.4 fantasy points per game versus opposing quarterbacks, and with Indianapolis and Houston setting the blueprint on how to beat the Chiefs, I see the Broncos playing ball control. Further, I could see the Broncos secondary keeping the Chiefs’ receivers at bay, and Mahomes in check.

FLASH FACT! Patrick Mahomes averaged 28.9 fantasy points Weeks 1-3, but in Weeks 4-6, only 18.8 points per week.

Honorable Mentions: Nobody start your studs


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