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Can Godwin Keep Up The Pace? – Will Sparing

by Will Sparling

Oh Chris Godwin, you are what every fantasy player dreams of. You were most likely drafted in the 3rd or 4th round and playing like a 1st rounder, but will it continue….?

We are 6 games into the season and Godwin is everything the preseason hype said he would be to this point. So far this season Godwin is 3rd over all in receptions (43), 1st overall in yards (662), 1st overall in touchdowns (6), and has a catch rate of 78.2%. Godwin is also on a pass happy team lead by a QB that is averaging 36 pass attempts per game (5th overall). Everything so far has lined up for Godwin to continue to cruise through the season and be the number wide receiver, but can we really trust this kind of volume and success to continue?

If we look at his stats and extrapolate them over 16 games, he would end the season with 122 catches, 1760 yards, and 16 touchdowns! Wow that would be amazing, so amazing that is would be the 6th best season for a wide receiver ever, yes ever. He would in the company of Isaac Bruce who had 1781 yards in 1995, Charley Hennigan who had 1746 yards in 1961, and that’s just in receiving yards.

My point here is that kind of season could happen, but in all reality, we should expect regression. Last year we saw a similar type of receiving extravaganza occur in Minnesota with Adam Thielen. Thielen went 8 straight games with over 100 yards and started to frizzle that second half of the season. Defenses got wise to Thielen and volume went to Diggs the 1B receiver on the team.

We should expect Godwin to continue to have a good season, but we should see Evans to continue to see high volume with better production and OJ Howard start to see some kind of volume, maybe Along with that thing that another problem that could slow him down is his QB. Winston has a touchdown rate of 5.5%, but a very interception rate of 4.5%. Godwin is going to regress, but not to the extent that we should worry. I predict him ending the season with 112 catches, 1350 yards, and 11 touchdowns.


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