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Will It Get Better For Hopkins? – Chris Kuhn

by Chris Kuhn

DeAndre Hopkins has been consistently one of the best wide receivers throughout his career. Due to this consistency, he was ranked as the number one wide receiver going into the season by a lot of experts. However, his on the field performance so far this year has some of his fantasy owners a bit worried. He has not brought in a touchdown catch for the last five weeks, and yet the Texans offense has been running smoothly without Hopkins finding his way in the end zone.

Last week things started to turn around for Hopkins, as he brought in nine catches. It showed that the Texans offense was really trying to get him the ball and put him in a position to make a big play happen. Hopkins was thrown to twelve times catching nine of them. Unfortunately, Hopkins was not able to do much with those nine opportunities. Hopkins only had fifty-five yards after bringing in those nine huge opportunities. This is both concerning and uplifting to all Hopkins owners.

On the bright side, either Watson or the Texans offense as a whole is doing what they can to give Hopkins more opportunities, as they know if they are going to make a playoff run Hopkins needs to be producing. Hopkins does appear to be getting open, which means his route running and catching ability is still at the pro-bowl caliber, although he is still not producing anywhere near as much as a fantasy star like himself should be. If you are at a point per receptions league, Hopkins has not been horrible. On the other hand, if you are not he has been an absolute bust throughout the first six weeks.

Let’s look at the upside. He stills looks great when he plays. The team is actively trying to get him the ball, and they need him to produce in order to achieve long term success. Hopkins is bound to turn his season around and last week was a great sign. Hopkins might actually be a good buy-low target in the trading market. Unlike other wide receivers who are often touchdown reliant, Hopkins when back to full form is a week in and out stud. Hang on to him and wait for his talent to rise to the top.


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