Can Minshew Mania Become a Top 10 Fantasy QB? – Kevin Atchley

by Kevin Atchley

In this SkullKing article we will look at a fantasy QB not currently in the top-10 of fantasy quarterbacks, but who has a chance to crack this prestigious list. Gardner Minshew fits this bill perfectly. Why, you ask? Early season production and a relatively soft remaining schedule casts reason for optimism for the Jaguars QB to elevate his play even more and land in the coveted top-10 of fantasy quarterbacks.

Let’s start with the obvious: Minshew has shown in the early season goings that he’s capable of being a NFL-caliber starting quarterback. Being thrust into the starting role after a devastating injury to starter ‘I just got PAID’ Nick Foles, Minshew has held his own, and then some for the Jaguars. Through six games, Minshew has thrown for 1,442 yards with nine touchdowns compared to just two interceptions. Adding 125 yards rushing on the ground, Minshew sports a respectable 97.5 QB rating. Minshew is currently ranked as the 13th rated fantasy quarterback according to Fantasy Pros. A jump into the top-10 can be made as we will examine why this is possible.

What helps giving credibility for Minshew making this leap is the cupcake opponents that the Jaguars have remaining left on their schedule. The most ‘frostiest’ of these cupcakes include a delicious December schedule of opponents including the Buccaneers, Chargers, Raiders, Falcons, and Colts. This sets up Minshew for a strong finish to the 2019 season, and one in which I believe will lead him even further into fantasy relevance. The above mentioned teams don’t exactly inspire fear into opposing offensive coordinators (sorry, Chargers!) and will give Minshew ample opportunity to feast on these teams and rack up the fantasy stats. And judging off the fact that Fantasy Pros has all of these defenses ranked 16th or lower in fantasy production thus far this season proves EVEN MORE that Minshew is fully capable of providing the fantasy glory that us fantasy owners so desperately crave.

So in conclusion, Gardner Minshew is on the cusp of fantasy stardom in this league. It’s not only how you play, but also WHO you play. Minshew is set up nicely for a strong finish to the season; and one that just might catapult him into Top-10 QB fantasy relevance.

Minshew has had an impressive start to the season; and he’s going to end it on an even more impressive note. One that just might land him in the rare air of Top-10 Fantasy QB’s.

Believe the hype.

Believe in Gardner Minshew.


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