Start and Sit: Week 7 QBs – Aaron Kagan

by Aaron Kagan

Start em

Josh Allen v. Miami Dolphins

As with many other teams, the matchup against the Miami Dolphins offers the opposing team’s quarterback an opportunity for massive point potential. The Miami defense is so bad statistically especially against the pass. Josh Allen has the arm capabilities to take advantage of matchups, whether it be in man or zone coverage. He should be started this week if he is available in your league.

Jimmy Garoppolo @ Washington Redskins

The San Francisco 49ers are the talk of the league right now, mainly due to their undefeated record and their defensive capabilities. Jimmy Garoppolo is an aspect of the success of the team that has been somewhat overlooked. He will be able to take advantage of the Washington Redskins weak defense and put up points for the fantasy football GM that starts him, even though he may be missing some weapons like Deebo Samuel in this game.

Kyler Murray @ New York Giants

Kyler Murray is now known to be able to fit footballs into tight windows and complete some pretty incredible passes. This matchup with the New York Giants secondary will open many windows for him to fit passes into. This is a good opportunity to start Murray if you had him on your bench, or have him as your starter already. He should pile up yards and produce many points with his rushing capabilities in a solid matchup.

Sit em

Dashaun Watson @ Indianapolis Colts

Throughout his career, Dashaun Watson has been extremely successful statistically, and was taken as one of the top quarterbacks off the board in this year’s Fantasy Football draft. It is very hard for me to tell you to sit him in any matchup, but this divisional game is just the game to do that. With the return of key players on the Indianapolis Colts defense to go along with the Houston Texans incredibly weak offensive line, Watson is being set up for disaster.  He should be on your bench this week.

Phillip Rivers @ Tennessee Titans

The Los Angeles Chargers have been on a downward spiral as of late, and it is difficult to trust Philip Rivers as your starting quarterback this week. The Tennessee Titans have a very strong defense and have really done damage to opposing quarterbacks as far as their point production goes. Rivers should be sat this week if at all possible in a gruesome road matchup that will severely limit him.

Waiver wire target:

Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans

With the benching of Marcus Mariota, the Tennessee Titans have made it known that they are going in a different direction at the quarterback position. Ryan Tannehill is the next man up to take over the starting quarterback duties for who knows how long. While there may be other options available to you if you are in a smaller roster-sized league, Ryan Tannehill could be an option for you in a deep/dynasty league.


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