Pop, Lock, & Drop It: Week 8 QBs – CJ Krause

by CJ Krause

Week 8 is here and hope you all are not seeing ghosts with Halloween vastly approaching. With two of the top five quarterbacks on bye and one injured, this week is about to get spicy.

Let’s break it down a bit:

A “Pop”- a quarterback outside the Top 15 who I believe has Top 5 upside this week.
A “Lock”- a quarterback that, without injury, I cannot see finishing outside the Top 5 this week.
A “Drop It”- a Top 5 quarterback that has the best chance of finishing outside the Top 12 this week.

As always, we are using 4-points-per-passing-touchdown/-1-points-per-interception scoring.

POP: Ryan Tannehill

Never would I have thought I would be saying to play Tannehill in a matchup, let alone saying that I think he has Top 5 weekly upside … but here we are. The potential savior of Corey Davis’ and AJ Brown’s fantasy values has a great matchup versus the Buccaneers who have been great versus the run, but atrocious versus the passing game. Tampa Bay has been the third best defense versus opposing running backs, but the sixth worst versus opposing quarterbacks. This is the recipe for Tanny to keep streaking coming off last week’s big game.

FLASH FACT! Tampa Bay has allowed at least two passing touchdowns in each of the last 4 games played.

Honorable mentions: Gardner Minshew vs NYJ and Teddy Bridgewater vs ARI

LOCK: Russell Wilson

Arguably, the first half MVP has a great matchup versus the Atlanta Falcons. After last week’s performance, Atlanta is now allowing the most fantasy points per game to the quarterback position. So I’m considering whoever plays them has a free space.

FLASH FACT! Russell Wilson is averaging 16 points higher on QBR on the road vs home.

Honorable mentions: Deshaun Watson vs OAK and Matthew Stafford vs NYG

DROP IT: Aaron Rodgers

Although Rodgers is not technically ranked in the Top 5 currently, he is now Top 5 in active quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers has been very okay and not quite the quarterback you drafted as QB2 off the board. That was until last week, where he went completely nuclear scoring 43.8 fantasy points. Now this week he faces Kansas City Sunday night in Arrowhead. The key factor here is Arrowhead – one of the toughest places to play for a quarterback strictly due to crowd noise alone. AND with Rodgers not having his full array of weapons, I could see him landing outside the Top 12.

FLASH FACT! Only one quarterback in the past two seasons has put up a Top 5 performance in Arrowhead.


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