Can Golladay Take Next Step To Be a Top 10 WR? – Jorge Eckardt

by Jorge Eckardt

Heading into Week 9, Kenny Golladay is WR No. 14 in half-point PPR scoring. Of players who have played at least seven games, his per-game average of 14.3 is No. 8 in the league. He’s having a great season, but can he make that jump like many are hoping and become one of the ELITE fantasy options this season? That’s what we’re here to find out.

Let’s start with the Lions schedule. Golladay will have a favorable matchup in the immediate future, taking on the Raiders Week 9, so there’s huge potential of a top-10, even top-5 week out of him. However, it gets much tougher after that. Week 10 the Lions are at the Bears, Week 11 home vs. the Cowboys, Week 12 at the Redskins (ok, ignore this one), Week 13 home vs. the Bears again and then Week 14 at the Vikings. Three games vs. top-tier defenses, one against a talented albeit underperforming one and one gimmie game. There’s potential that in the final fantasy playoff push, Golladay gets shut down in four out of five games.

Then, there’s also the issue of the Lions offense. Sure, their passing attack is currently No. 5 in the league, but that’s been against some horrendous defenses like the Cardinals and Chiefs and Giants. It’s hard to put too much faith in Matthew Stafford to keep it up when the harder defenses come, and with the schedule that we have just gone through, it’s going to get much tougher.

By no fault of his own, Golladay is going to have a hard time taking that next step and becoming a consistent top-10 fantasy receiver. If anything, I’d consider selling high on him right now, and even more so if he has a good game vs. the Giants on Sunday. It wouldn’t be a bad move to hold onto him, but if you can finagle a true top-5 receiver for him or a stud in a position of need for your squad, I’d pull the trigger.


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