Gardner Minshew v. Houston Texans

Minshew Mania has swept through the fans in Jacksonville. His success at the beginning of his career has led to this feeling of future success. However, let’s not forget who the team’s starter is. Nick Foles will be back in Week 11, because the team simply paid him too much money to sit on the bench. This week’s matchup will allow Gardner Minshew to further display his abilities, and give the fans confidence in his back up abilities. He has a great week 9 matchup with an injury riddled Houston Texans defense. The fantasy points will be on deck for Minshew this week., so start him wherever possible.

Matthew Stafford @ Oakland Raiders

Matthew Stafford has played well in recent weeks, and that success could continue this week in Oakland. A healthy arsenal of receivers is going to allow a full implementation of the game plan on offense, especially with the questions at the running back position. There should be touchdowns scored against the Oakland Raiders secondary that has struggled against the pass. Start Mathew Stafford if possible with confidence.


Carson Wentz v. Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears Defense Is a very intimidating matchup for any quarterback, and the same is true for Carson Wentz. He will be facing a lot of pressure from the superstar pass rusher Khalil Mack among others. While he played better in his last outing, this has not been the best season for Wentz from a fantasy football perspective. Owners should have another option for Wentz at this time, especially because he has a bye for week 10. 

Mason Rudolph v. Indianapolis Colts

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense has been fairly stagnant with the loss of Ben Roethlisberger at the start of the season. His replacement has not created the level of production that is needed to win difficult games, and therefore be in the running for the playoffs. This game against The Indianapolis Colts will truly be a test for Rudolph in this aspect. Being on the road does not help this young quarterback at all. In a very bad matchup, sit Mason Rudolph if you were starting him due to injury or otherwise.

Waiver wire targets: 

Brandon Allen, Denver Broncos

With the neck injury suffered by starter Joe Flacco, his backup Brandon Allen will now start at least for this week. If you are in emergency need of a quarterback due to the bye week, this may be your solution. Do not hold long-term expectations however, with the return of Drew Lock on the horizon.

Ryan Finley, Cincinnati Bengals

With Andy Dalton being benched over the bye week, Ryan Finley must now step up as a starting quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals. We don’t know what he could do for the team, but he makes for an interesting waiver wire add if you are in need of a quarterback for the upcoming weeks, and are in a deep league. AJ Green coming back from injury will be an asset to this rookie quarterback, although he still has a struggling offensive line in front of him.