Don’t Sleep On Singletary – Tom Kovack

by Tom Kovack

If you are an owner of Devin Singletary, odds are for the first eight weeks of the season you either sat him on your bench or dropped him completely, frustrated by his lack of touches and time spent out of the lineup with a hamstring injury.

As the second half of the season begins, I have some advice for Singletary owners or owners looking for a hidden gem running back:

If Singletary is on your bench, make room for him. And if he’s on the waiver wire, grab him. And I mean now!
Frank Gore has done admirably for the first half of the season starting at running back for the Buffalo Bills, but he is 36 years old. Wear and tear usually take their toll on running backs as they approach 30, let alone 40. As the Bills prepare to make a run at the playoffs and cold weather and wind sets in, they will need to rely on their running game more and they will likely turn to fresh legs and a rookie to help them do that.

Last week against the Redskins, Singletary said he was 100% healthy for the first time since Week 2, and he broke out with 20 carries for 95 yards and a touchdown. He also made his presence known in the passing game adding 3 catches for 45 yards.

For the next three games, Singletary has great matchups and is starter potential. He faces the 30th ranked run defense (Browns), the 31st ranked run defense (Dolphins), and the 17th ranked run defense (Broncos). I would have him in my starting lineup in flex leagues for the next three weeks as a great option to fill in for other players’ bye weeks.

Moreso, even against stronger run defenses later in the season, Singletary will get yards through the passing game where he is just as dangerous as he is in the running game. Singletary has already gotten 16 targets in four games, not counting the Eagles game where he spent most of the time on the bench still recovering from his hamstring injury. And when he has touched the ball, he has made the most of it, catching 12 passes for 103 yards. That’s 8.3 yards per catch!

I’ll admit, I was surprised early in the season at Singletary’s lack of touches compared to Gore, but I am beginning to buy into the plan of saving his fresh legs for the second half of the season and I definitely believe that the team is transition of shifting power from Gore over to Singletary. It’s time you buy in and add him to your lineup.

Other sleepers I like in the second half of the season: Latavius Murray (Saints), Kareem Hunt (Browns), Myles Gaskin (Dolphins)


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