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Wide Receiver Waiver Wire Targets: Week 11 – Will Sparling

by Will Sparling

James Washington
(Yahoo 6% owned, ESPN 18% owned)

James Washington was a preseason hyped player that ended being forgotten about with the emergence of Diontae Johnson. Washington saw 7 targets, 6 receptions for 90 yards and a touchdown. Washington has had rapport with his QB dating back from college. Washington has seen 11 targets and 10 receptions the past two weeks and has a stretch of nice matchups coming (Cleveland twice, Cincinnati, and Arizona). Washington has the talent and the opportunity to be a great late season pick up.

Darius Slayton
(Yahoo 11% owned, ESPN 13% owned)

(Bye Week pick up)

Slayton had a great week last week with 121 yards and 2 touchdowns. We could look at this and see a one-week wonder, which will likely be true in terms on volume. This past week Slayton benefited greatly from having Shepard Engram ruled out, but with his bye week coming up this week most will not take the chance and pick him. With the season inching closer to the playoffs for fantasy you need to be bold to make it, and this might be the player to take the risk. Slayton has 5 touchdowns this season, most on the team which means he’s getting the redzone looks, third most receiving yards (with only starting 5 games this season), and he built a rapport with his QB. If you have the bench space, pick him up.

Phillip Dorsett II
(Yahoo 28% owned, ESPN 25% owned)

Dorsett has had a very up and down season, with just an average of 3 receptions a game and being very touchdown dependent. So why would you want to waste your time on him? Because he is on the Patriots, he has great matchups down the stretch (Philly, Houston, KC, and Cin). Dorsett might be a touchdown dependent player but he is worth the flier. Patriots are coming off an embarrassing loss and will definitely come into the game to wreak vengeance on Philly. Dorsett won’t see a great number of targets, but have the big upside plays and touchdowns. Pick him up for the upside play.


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