Start and Sit: Week 13 QBs – Aaron Kagan

by Aaron Kagan

First of all, I want to apologize to all of my readers for last week’s advice. I had told you to start Derek Carr @ New York Jets and this was probably my biggest mistake of this season. My advice has been fairly accurate other than that this season, now I hope to lead you through the playoffs and to a championship. This has been a great season, and winning your fantasy football league will make it even greater. This is the last week for most fantasy football leagues before the playoffs, and hence your team will either push through to the playoffs or be eliminated. The decision to start or sit a quarterback will be crucial at this time. My advice for week 13 is as follows:


Nick Foles v. Tampa Bay buccaneers

The Tampa Bay buccaneers defense Is allowing one of the highest amounts of passing yardage totals in the league, and that will not change this week. Nick Foles has had disappointing production since his return, and this is a perfect opportunity for a bounce back game. Being at home will definitely help his situation. Expect a lot of passing in this game, and that will lead to fantasy point production for Nick Foles.

Aaron Rodgers @ New York Giants

While having a lack of production for the past couple of weeks, Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers and should show his abilities in this game. If this turns out to be a shoot out, it will lead to more offense then defense being played. Fantasy football GMs are more concerned with offense and time of possession than anything else to produce points. Start Aaron Rodgers if he was on your bench last week.


Deshaun Watson v. New England Patriots

All I can say about this matchup is facing the league’s number one defense with a horrendous offensive line is a recipe for disaster. If your league has a point penalty for sacks, you will be in for a long day if you start Deshaun Watson in this game. Have another option to avoid this situation completely, especially if this game is crucial for your playoff push.

Jimmy Garoppolo @ Baltimore Ravens

The San Francisco 49ers have been nearly unstoppable so far this season. Jimmy Garoppolo has played a major role in these wins, only the Baltimore Ravens defense is nothing to underestimate. The defensive unit is highly ranked across the league, and will surely give Jimmy Garoppolo a major headache. Sit him to avoid a potentially disastrous matchup.

Waiver wire target

Devlin Hodges, Pittsburgh Steelers

With the lack of production from incumbent Quarterback Mason Rudolph, the Pittsburg Steelers have decided to go with Devlin Hodges at least for this week. If you are in need of a quarterback, he is just a waiver add away and could potentially produce some fantasy points. this could be essential for your championship run.


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