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Pop, Lock, & Drop It: Week 16 QBs – CJ Krause

by CJ Krause

Welcome to week 16 for most of you this is the Finals and for those of you that this is the semis. Get a better league. I hope my articles helped you get there and can help you win in. Here we go!

Let’s break it down a bit:

A “Pop”- a quarterback outside the Top 15 who I believe has Top 5 upside this week.
A “Lock”- a quarterback that, without injury, I cannot see finishing outside the Top 5 this week.
A “Drop It”- a Top 5 quarterback that has the best chance of finishing outside the Top 12 this week.

As always, we are using 4-points-per-passing-touchdown/-1-points-per-interception scoring.

POP: Andy Dalton Vs MIA

It’s been a rough season for Dalton. A.j. Green not coming back at the original time table, poor offensive line play, and getting benched on his birthday. But being brought back in and now facing the Miami Dolphins I think this can be a great spot for him. Miami has been allowing the most points to fantasy Wide outs over the past 5 weeks which bodes well for Dalton since he is the one slinging them the rock. Also, Most likely since the Bengals will have the #1 overall pick in the draft this is his audition for other teams so expect him to bring his best.

FLASH FACT! Miami is allowing 4.9 extra QB fantasy points over the last 5 weeks

Honorable mentions: Drew Lock vs Det and David Blough vs Den

LOCK: Russell Wilson vs ARI

Now Russ has been a notably really hard Quarterback to predict this year. He will show up in tough matchups and disappear in easy ones. One of the main reasons im taking him as my lock this week besides the matchup vs the abysmal Arizona Cardinals defense is that they are fighting for a bye in the playoffs. 4 teams have an 11-3 record atop the NFC so these last few games matter most. So expect Russ to bring his A game.

Flash Fact: Arizona is allowing 6.5 extra Qb fantasy points over the last 5 weeks

Honorable mentions: Jameis Winston vs Hou and Dak Prescott vs Phi

Drop It: Deshaun Watson vs TB

Now hear me out here Tampa Bay has really stepped it up over the past 5 weeks. Holding Quarterbacks below there season average by over 3 points and Deshaun is coming off a good game but definitely not one we expected him to have vs The Titans.

Flash Fact: So far in December Deshaun Watson has had his worst completion percentage month of the year.

Honorable Mentions: Nobody Start your studs


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