Jericho Flowers, the DB you don’t know enough about – C. Kuhn

I was lucky enough to interview one of the biggest deep sleepers of the 2020 draft, Jericho Flowers, out of UNLV. Jericho is ranked 12th nationally in passes defensed and ranks in the top 25 in INT’s, with 4. After watching the film and highlights on Jericho, it is clear he has the skills of some of the top DB’s in the draft. Unfortunately, Jericho did not play in a Power 5 conference and as a result, might not be getting the recognition that he deserves. He has a great tackling technique and runs a 4.43. As for his catching ability, he played wide receiver his freshmen year. He is definitely not the type of DB that will be dropping game-changing interceptions.

I asked Jericho if he was able to continue working out during this epidemic of COVID-19 and he said he was doing everything he could to build up his endurance and stay in playing shape. Running, hiking, pull-ups, are all different things that Jericho is doing in order to stay in great shape during these crazy times. He is the kind of workhorse player that every team should want in their locker room.

He is an unselfish player that isn’t just trying to improve his own highlight reel but trying to do what’s best for the team. That was made clear when he switched to WR his freshman year because that is what his team needed him to do. Jericho wanted NFL teams to know that he can hang with the best of them and he is the kind of player that will work hard for his team no matter what they ask him to do. He is there to do what is best for the team. There is little to no other DB’s in this year’s draft who has his speed, catching, tackling, and experience. Jericho Flowers is the kind of player that you watch late in the draft for just hoping your team gets him, you just might not have heard of him yet.


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