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Will MLB Have A Season?

COVID-19 is doing its best to knock the wind out of everything. In a move that some suggest will mean no baseball for the 2020 season, Commissioner Rob Manfred has announced a plan that would allow teams to lay off managers and coaches starting on May 1st.

I am trying to be more optimistic about the announcement. I believe that there still can be Major League Baseball for the 2020 season. It may not look the same as we are used to, but I still have hope.

With no ticket and consessions sales, as well as Network revenue from games being shown on TV, the move by Commissioner Manfred makes sense. It allows teams to make the moves to keep from going bankrupt.

While the announcement does not garner much confidense about an MLB season, I still believe.

*You can read the original story from the Associated Press through the link below*

Source: MLB can cut pay, lay off managers, coaches starting May 1


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