Philadelphia Eagles: Toughest Games on 2020 Schedule

Carson Wentz. Photo by Keith Allison. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Philadelphia Eagles have a tough road ahead of them going into the 2020 NFL season. They face some title contenders and there are some games that will be circled on their calendars. This team has the talent though to be able to win any game.

Games like those against the Seattle Seahawks have to be matchups the team is looking forward to. The Seahawks defeated the Eagles in the first game of the playoffs last season. They will definitely go into that game with more intensity than other games. Rivalries are also games to wake up for.

The usual two games against the Dallas Cowboys are always games to look forward to. The Eagles-Cowboys rivalry is probably the most bloodthirsty rivalry in football. Those two teams just hate each other and they have players currently on both teams that have been playing against each other for years.

There are matchups like the game against the Arizona Cardinals where they will face off against Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins and probably the hardest matchup of the season against the Baltimore Ravens where they have to try and contain Lamar Jackson. Here are the three hardest matchups this season.

Philadelphia Eagles versus Dallas Cowboys Week 8

This will be a big game because of where it is during the season and the big-time rivalry between the Eagles and the Cowboys. Last year before the Eagles played the Cowboys in week 7 they were 3-3 so that was a big game for them in terms of where they were at in the division.

This season the game is during week 8. Who knows what the Eagles record will look like by the time the game comes around. The Eagles and the Cowboys play each other tough no matter what so whoever comes out of that game on top will have major bragging rights.

The Eagles were able to beat Dallas in the second game at home and that helped them win the division. Philadelphia is going into the season as the division winners and they will have something to prove against the Cowboys that they are the legitimate division champions.

The Eagles will win this matchup because of their newfound team speed. The Cowboys will be able to score with the Eagles as they added CeeDee Lamb to the best offense in terms of total yards per game. The defense for Philadelphia will make the plays necessary to win the game in the second half though. The Eagles will run the Cowboys off the field in a shootout. 

Eagles win: 42-28

Philadelphia Eagles versus the New Orleans Saints Week 14

This game is late in the season and with the schedule that the Eagles have they will try and take any win that they can get.A tough matchup late in the season against the New Orleans Saints will put a damper on those plans though. The Saints will put this team to the test to see if they are playoff ready. 

New Orleans was one of the best offenses last year with the future Hall of Famer Drew Brees and wide receiver Michael Thomas leading the passing game for them. Alvin Kamara in the running game will be a force too. 

The revamped secondary will be put to the test as they face the NFL single-season receptions record holder in Thomas. Darius Slay will have his hands full. Emmanuel Sanders will be on the other side and his speed will cause problems combined with the talent of Thomas.

The game will also be special because they will be facing Malcolm Jenkins for the first time since they let him go in free agency.

The Saints have won their division three years in a row. During those seasons they went 13-3 in 2019, 13-3 in 2018 and 11-5 in 2017. They have been dominant in this conference for a long time and it will be interesting if the Eagles can finally dethrone this juggernaut.

The Eagles will not win this game because the Saints are going to be too much to handle offensively but they will be able to match up with this team better than previous years. If the Eagles see them in the playoffs they will beat them because they will learn from mistakes made in the regular season game.

Eagles lose: 28-24

Eagles versus the Baltimore Ravens Week 6

Before the Eagles even get to the Cowboys they have to face the Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers and the best team in the NFL from last year in the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens will create an abundance of matchup problems for the Eagles. Lamar Jackson can do it all for this team. Their running game was first in the league in rushing yards per game and they were second in the league in total yards per game. 

The Eagles have an ace in their hole though. They were the third-best rushing defense in total rushing yards allowed and rushing yards allowed per game. This matchup will be interesting to watch. If the Eagles tough run defense forces the Ravens to pass will Jackson be able to make the throws necessary to win the game? Or will the Ravens be too much to handle?

The Eagles will lose this game but with the talent they have on defense from last year combined with the new additions they have this year the Eagles will make this game interesting.

Eagles Lose: 27-24


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