NHL Covid-19 Timeline Update

As many of my readers know from previous articles the NHL, as well as other sports have been frozen mid-season or playoff for months now.  How to resume has been a debate playing out for every sport, as each has unique needs to meet to keep staff and players safe.  Currently, there are very few sports that have 0 positive players or competitors as they slowly move into restarting of their seasons.  The NHL is one of these sports, starting their phase 2 operations on only June 8th.

A report was released shortly after on June 19th, stating 11 players had tested positive and now on June 29th we learn that number is now increased to 26.  This number comes from 11 outside players who have not gone to training facilities as well as an additional 4 who have.  Knowing this it is hard to say what will happen, as we constantly see how this virus spreads, now claiming half a million lives across the world, and already 125,000 in the United States alone.

This all coming to light as many states are seeing an increase and have yet to hit the peak of their outbreak.  We will continue to update you here at Skullking Sports, as we wait to find out if teams will all agree to health and safety guidelines, along with testing requirements.

Keep in mind hub cities have also not been assigned, and with phase 3 expected to begin on July 10th, it’s becoming more concerning to me that a delay could happen.  Over this short time, not even a month to date, over 1,400 tests have been done on just under 250 players.  This is a fraction of how many there are, and keep in mind, that means there is spread without a full team present.

A lot of concerns seem to be popping up in every sport including the NHL.  We will have to continue to watch for new ones, and if these concerns result in more delays or stricter measures, as to protect staff and players from a relentless virus, which shows no signs of ceasing anytime soon.




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