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Alonso Signs a Deal With Renault For 2021

Fernando Alonso. Photo by Ben Sutherland. CC by - 2.0

Fernando Alonso (38) is officially making his Formula One return with Renault next year. After almost two months of anticipation and speculation, the French team, as well as, the two-time world champion, announced it officially on their social media platforms. It will be a two-season contract. This would not be Alonso’s first time driving for the team… not even the second time! The Spaniard has raced twice for them in the past. His first career stint with Renault was between 2003 and 2006, and the second one happened between 2008 and 2009. Alonso also won both of his back-to-back Formula One world championships with the team in 2005 and 2006.

Alonso, who debuted with the Minardi team in 2001, left the sport in 2018 after a series of disappointing seasons with McLaren (2015-2018). Ever since, he has participated in multiple endurance championship races, and has won Le Mans twice, amongst three other victories. Him and McLaren also took part in the Indy 500 IndyCar race in 2018 and 2019 but no success came out of there. Alonso’s car broke down in 2018, while his 2019 machine was not quick enough to even qualify for the start.

Fernando will be partnering with Esteban Ocon and replacing Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian signed a deal with McLaren for next season, and this opened the door for Alonso to come back with his most familiar team. Being almost 39, Alonso is one of the most experienced Formula One drivers, with 311 total starts and 32 victories to his name. Of the current drivers, only Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have achieved more victories, podiums, pole positions, and championships. When Alonso officially retired in 2018, he indicated that his comeback should be expected soon, but with a team fighting for the title. Although Renault have not exactly had that competitive in the last decade, we have to mention the future budget caps, which are intended to create a more equal ground between the teams.

Some great drivers have made successful comebacks (Alain Prost, 1993), others not so much (Michael Schumacher, 2010-2012)… Nevertheless, Alonso’s passion for racing is more than obvious, and we wish him and Renault the best for their new-old endeavor!

You can also check out Renault’s official Tweet HERE.


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