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Maple Leaf’s Force Game 5 Against Blue Jackets

I hate to write this as much as you hate to read it, but it’s the sad truth, there will be a Game 5 and only one team will move on to the true Stanley Cup Playoff rounds. Last night the Toronto Maple Leaf’s came down to the wire against our Columbus Blue Jackets, it looked sure in the last 4 minutes of Period 3 we’d put the series to be in 4 games.

However, a scoring train boarded and left the station, a runaway train for the Maple Leaf’s that the Blue Jacket’s just couldn’t catch. In those last minutes, they managed to score 3 times, tying the game at 3 each and forcing the second night of overtime in a row. The Maple Leaf’s would go on to score first in the overtime, resulting in a win and tying the series again at 2 games a piece.

The Blue Jackets had an amazing game going up to the last few minutes, so I believe this was a flook, getting ahead of one’s self before the game is over. Any of us who ever competed in sports can remember a time when the celebration of a win, got in the way of the win actually happening. I have the utmost faith our team can pull off a win Sunday, they just have to find the right headspace and not let up till that final horn, signaling the true end of the game.

This is it, there is no next game or chance to get it right, the next game is the last. The teams seem to be of equal talent, we are truly playing the team we should to prove our worth, to show we belong in that Stanley Cup Playoff. In a year where nothing is normal, the competition and skill needed to hoist that cup and proclaim yourself the best NHL team in the world is. The march will continue for the Blue Jackets and the Maple Leaf’s, a march which will soon end with one team one step closer to hoisting that cup, and one being sent home to dream and work another year. Who will it be, you’ll have a night for your nerves to recover before Game 5 begins, Sunday, August 9 at 8 PM.

All One.

Go Jackets!


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