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Columbus Blue Jackets Need a Miracle

Yesterday Game 4 started great, or so we thought, as Bjorkstrand sunk a goal early in the 1st Period.  Unfortunately, Texier was offsides and this resulted in the goal being reversed.  It would take till the second period for anyone to score, and sadly it wasn’t us.  The Lightning scored early in the second period, but hope was found again when a puck was fired, bouncing off Atkinson and going into the net!  Sadly, this would be the only score for the Blue Jacket’s all game, the Lightning would score again in the second period, and the third would have no score by either team.  The result, a 2 – 1 win for the Lightning.  They now lead the series with the Blue Jackets 3 games to 1, so, what does this mean?

Game 5 is scheduled for tomorrow at 12 PM, if the Blue Jackets don’t pull off a win, they will be out of the playoffs and the Lightning will advance.  I keep saying how accomplished this team is, and they have been spectacular given the situation, but they are missing simple plays.  If they want to stay in this, they have to connect with fellow members to score.  An accidental goal every now and then on a technicality is a treat, but not something you should rely on as your only means of scoring, luck isn’t always on your side. Further, there have been some questionable calls by refs, however, the team needs to look beyond this and other minimal mistakes, realizing there is more game to be played.  If down by even 2 or 3 goals going into the final period, that is 20 whole minutes to redirect the game.  If the Toronto Maple Leaf’s beat us in Game 4 with 3 shots scored in just over 3 minutes to force overtime and then win, anything is possible, they just have to let the past go and refocus when down, but far from out. Again, this team is capable, I think they just need to remember that, and soon!

Even if this team doesn’t make it to the next round, this is still a great team, having made it to the playoffs for a 4th straight year.  The history-making, 4th longest game played in the history of the NHL.  The new records held by Korpisalo for saves in an NHL game and Jones for the longest time played in an NHL game.  Not to mention all of our youngest players who have had a chance to shine, like Foudy making his first goal in the NHL in the playoffs, amazing!  I am proud to cover this team, but it would be nice if my 25th article at Skullking was a happy one!  We’ll see if we get our wish tomorrow, remember 12 PM puck drop on August 19th!

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Go Jackets!


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