Battle for NHL West Down to 4

We’re down to our final 4 teams in the NHL West!  Our first match up begins on August 22 with the Dallas Stars facing the Colorado Avalanche.  Each team proving they have the endurance, and scoring skill, to take each other on in this Conference Semifinal clash of the best.

On the other side of this playoff coin, we have the Vegas Golden Knights, who have swept all of their games thus far but 1, against the Vancouver Canucks.  It is important to mention here, that in both the East and West, the Vancouver Canucks are the only NHL team still in it for the hosting country, Canada.  All of the other teams have been eliminated, and only they stand the chance to keep the Stanley Cup in Canada, it’s been 27 years since that happened.  This team just beat out the St. Louis Blues, who won the Stanley Cup in 2019.  So, the Canucks have a lot of fight in them, and everything to prove.  All of these teams do, and the prize at the end, the Stanley Cup which proves your team the best of 2020.  A year when being the best, is all the sweeter than ever before!


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