Bruins Vs. Lightning: Round 2 – Game 1

These Playoffs in a not so average year have been anything but average.  Last night the Boston Bruins took on the Tampa Bay Lightning in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  With this being game 1, it was exciting to see how the teams would measure up, and it did not fail to entertain, as it took till the bitter end of Period 1 for anyone to even score!  The Boston Bruins would be the first, closing out the first with a 1 – 0 lead.

In Period 2, again only one team would find the net, and it would be the same as the first, the Bruins leading 2 – 0 at the start of Period 3.  However, things got interesting after that, as the Bruins would go up 3 – 0 in this final period.  The team had a solid lead until the Lightning struck, not just once but twice, with only a minute to go, several fans of each team as well as just hockey lovers held their breath.  In the end, the Bruins held off the Lightning, but this wasn’t a clean win for them.  If we have learned anything, it’s to expect the unexpected this year, and even when up no team can count their win before that final buzzer.  This will definitely be a series to watch, and I can’t wait to see which team, eventually, comes out on top.  I think we are in for a battle, and that’s what we should see, as the winner will advance to the NHL East Conference Final.


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