Islanders Vs. Flyers Round 2-Game 1

Last night we had our last, first game of Round 2 in the Stanley Cup 2020 Playoffs, between the New York Islanders and the Philidelphia Flyers.  Each team had a total of 29 shots on their goal, but there was one distinct difference, the score.  In Period 1 the Islanders had only 1, leaving plenty of room for the Flyers to catch up.  In Period 2 it was an equal match, no one scored, but then came Period 3, and things grew interesting.  The Islanders scored 3 unanswered goals, making their Game 1 a shutout against the Flyers, an incredibly strong opponent.  The final score was 4 – 0.

Game 2 of this Round 2 Playoff Series will be Wednesday, August 26th.  Check your local programming for the time of puck drop.  These series are heating up, reading my review the day after is great, please don’t stop!  However, watching in the moment, it is something which can’t be rivaled!


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