Canucks Vs. Golden Knights Round 2 – Game 2

Remember that Golden Knights beat down in Game 1 of Round 2, when the Golden Knights took down the Canucks 5- 0?  Well, the Canucks didn’t forget, in fact, it lit a fire under them for Game 2.  Period 1 opened with 2 goals from the Canucks and no answer by the Golden Knights.  In Period 2, each team scored once, and lastly, in Period 3 the Canucks scored 2 more times to the Golden Knights only scoring once more.  This led to a 5 – 2 win and yet another even series, with each team now holding a game each.

Now that each team has proven themselves as high scoring on offense, and their ability to keep opponents out of scoring range, what will become of this series next?  I foresee a hard-fought battle to advance into the NHL West Conference Final.  The Golden Knights have only been in the NHL for a few years, while the Canucks are the only Canadian team remaining in the Playoffs in both regions.  Both teams have something to fight for, to advance for either team would be an accomplishment in itself, one a young franchise, and the other the only left representing its country.

I will be watching this series closely, as should you, even if one of these teams beat out your own, this is expert hockey.  It is exciting to watch all 60 minutes, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if these teams found themself in an overtime battle, at some point, in the series future.  Will it happen in Game 3?  Sadly, we will have to wait till Thursday evening to find out!


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