Avalanche Vs. Stars Round 2 – Game 3

If you are new to watching playoff hockey, and are this season, just grateful to see live sports again, this is your series to watch every minute of.  Last night during Period 3 I was so hooked and on the edge of my seat, I actually forgot the cheering wasn’t real fans, the suspense was that good.  Yes, I’m serious, and I’m going to tell you why so you can feel it too.

In Period 1 we had a lone goal from Dallas, the defense for both teams on point, and soon the offense for each team would spark their own magic as well.  In Period 2, the Avalanch exploded, deciding the Stars wouldn’t win the third in as many games straight so easily, the challenge was accepted.  In Period 3, that was when things got real, no sooner would one team score, did the other answer.  Both the Avalanch and Stars scoring 3 goals each, it was a crazy game I believed could go into overtime, until the Avalanch took a couple extra goals, that Dallas finally just couldn’t answer.  Game 3 went to the Avalanch, 6 – 4, and now the series is interesting, as the Stars lead but only by a game.

I told you it was a wild game, and if you missed it, I strongly suggest you go back and watch.  Even if you do know who wins now, it’s one worth seeing, if you don’t have a lot of time just fast-forward to the final period.  It was expert hockey, and with any luck, Game 4 will be just as stunning.  I stand by what I said after Game 2, this will be a long series, full of great skill and athleticism.


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