Knights Vs. Canucks Round 2 – Game 4

The scoring started early in the battle for Game 4 when the Vegas Golden Knights and the Vancouver Canucks met center ice.  The first 2 goals going to the Knights with flawless technique, but the Canucks quickly caught up, cutting that lead to a goal before Period 1 ended.  As we went to Period 2 the scoring shifted, as the Canucks found the net twice, and the Knights failed to do so all period long.  However, as we have seen in past games, the Knights made up for Period 2 with a strong Period 3.  They closed out the game with 3 goals in Period 3 alone, and never let the Canucks see their net again.  The final was 5 – 3 with the Knights over the Canucks, giving us our 4th series with the leading team up 3 games to 1.

Again, I believe the Canucks have fight still in them, their problem will be if they can counteract the fight in the Golden Knights and come out on top in Game 5.  It will be a must-win for the Canucks, the final Canadian team still in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  We will see if that is enough to keep them alive and in the hunt, as they will have little time to regroup, and rest, before this next game.  Check your local listings as Game 5 is set for tomorrow evening!


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