Canucks and Knights go to Game 7

Normally I go in order of games being played, but today I can’t do that as the Canucks brought the force of all Canada, forcing a Game 7 last night, which will be played tonight!  Last night’s game was fairly even in the beginning so, we’ll jump to Period 3 where the Canucks are up 1 – 0.  Unfortunately for the Golden Knights, when the last 20 minutes of crunch time really counted to close this series, they could not.  The Golden Knights just couldn’t get their offense to score, and in addition, their defense couldn’t protect the net simultaneously, the result was a completely different Golden Knights team than we are used to seeing in these playoffs.  The Canucks scored 2 goals early in the final period and sealed their way to Game 7 with an empty net in the final moments.  The final score was Canucks over Golden Knights 4 – 0, paying the Golden Knights back for their Game 1 and Game 3 shutouts, with one of their own in Game 6.  The Canucks reward,  a Game 7 the following night and the chance to remain in the playoff bubble.

The Game 7 winner will advance to the NHL West Conference Final.  This is the winner take all match this epic Round 2 Playoff Series has been skating toward, where only one will put the cherry on top, and the other will leave the bubble and playoffs.  The Canucks, as I’ve said before, have their country to play for, being the final Canadian team in the playoffs.  On the other hand, the Golden Knights are a young team and franchise, out to make their mark.  This has showcased the incredible skill of both teams, whoever wins tonight will go on, but the other who packs up for home will have nothing to hang their heads about.  This will simply come down to gameplay, the endurance of players, injuries, and other unforeseen factors.  The team which can power through all will simply take it all in the end.

At this point, I can’t pick a team to even root for anymore, they are equally deserving of this Conference Final bid, but only one can go.  Come back to Skullking Sports tomorrow where I will have the full Game 7 breakdown.  When we will finally know which 2 teams have a chance to win the West, and be one team away from the 2020 Stanley Cup Battle of the NHL best, one which will surely go down in history in ways I believe we’ve yet to see or predict.  Don’t miss it!


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