Central Division (NHL)

Stars Advance to West Conference Final!

Yes Dallas, your NHL Dallas Stars are one of the top 4 teams left standing, as the playoffs narrow to the Conference Finals!

It was a spectacular game with a tie at 1 – 1. 2 – 2. 3 – 3, and 4 – 4 with several lead changes.  The final goal for each team in regulation was scored within 10 seconds of one another in this incredible battle to the end, which didn’t end in regulation.  It took overtime in the West, the first for this Conference Semifinal, to decide the true winner to advance.  Several minutes in J. Kiviranta scored his third goal of Game 7, giving him a sweet hat trick and the winning goal for your Dallas Stars, against the Colorado Avalanche.

As we celebrate the Dallas Stars moving into the West Conference Final, playing the winner of tonight’s Canucks – Golden Knights Game 7, it is important to note how well the Colorado Avalanche did.  They played so well and fought for their chance to advance, going beyond the bitter end, seeking out overtime before this game was finalized; it just didn’t finalize in their favor.   Most of the time it was the Colorado Avalanche who broke the ties, not Dallas, and this team is strong.   So much so. it wouldn’t surprise me if they were back in the playoffs next year, advancing to or beyond this point.  At this point, the NHL is hoping for a December 1st start date regarding the 2020 – 2021 season, and if the Avalanche feeds off this loss, there is nothing they can accomplish or prove.

With sportsmanship paid its due, the stars will have only days to pick up right where they left off, as they start a new series. in which the winner will go on to play for the 2020 Stanley Cup!  The good news for this team is that whoever they meet in the West Conference Final will be coming from a like situation, having to play a Game 7, with little rest between that win and this new series Game 1 beginning.  The other advantage, the Stars will not have to wait long to find out which opponent they will be preparing for, as the Canucks – Golden Knights Game 7 will be just hours after this!  Tune in tonight as we find out the other piece of the bracket, and who will then battle for the West!


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