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Islanders Face Flyers in East Conference Final

It has been 27 years since this franchise has been to the East Conference Final, so congratulations to the Islanders and Flyers, it’s not the longest drought in sports history, but it’s been long enough for sure!  There are several fans my age who haven’t even seen this team get as far, and for them, I say your time has finally come, and 2020 just got better for you!  For a reference, the Tampa Bay Lightning, who they will face in the East Conference Final, had only been established a year before their last visit to the Conference final.  Wow, what an accomplishment.

Looking back at tonight’s game, the Flyers did their very best to prevent this matchup, trying to punch their own ticking rather than allowing the Islanders.  Unfortunately, unlike Friday their offense just couldn’t best the defense of the Islanders.  Still, this team made a fantastic comeback, one that led to a game 7, and for that, they are owed their due credit in this article.  As I touched on in my last, this team has won, maybe not the Stanley Cup, but they do have one of their youngest MVP’s back.  Oskar Lindblom has finished 7-month cancer treatment and was able to return to finish the season with his team.  He helped get them through Game 6 and force a Game 7.  Even with them now out of the playoffs, having that young man back healthy, some may see is an equal win.  I surely do, and if his health maintains, I see no reason this team can’t play and reach this level again next season.

Looking ahead it will be a week to the day that the Lightning forced the Bruins out in just 5 games, winning their series 4 – 1, when they meet the Islanders for Game 1 in the East Conference Final.  This could be a huge factor, as the Islanders will only have tomorrow, as Monday will be game day for them.  It always depends on so many factors, but we won’t have to wait long to discover if the Lightning having a week to rest, is better than the Islanders seamlessly going from a Game 7 to a Game 1?  Tune in Monday as we set the stage for the NHL’s final 4!


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