Golden Knights

Golden Knights Vs. Stars Game 2

Revenge is a dish best served on ice!

Following their 1 – 0 shutout gift from the Stars in Game 1 Sunday, the Golden Knights returned to the ice last night, minds set on evening up the series.  In Period 1, we saw the steady defense we did in Game 1, but in Period 2 the scoring started, and it didn’t stop!  After a goal each from P. Stastny, W. Karlsson, and T. Nosek we had a 3 – 0 game, after a Period 3 of again steady defense, this would be the Game 2 final score.

So the series is now eave with a game each, and with a shutout a piece, so what does this mean?  To me, it means this will be a long series, just as the series were for each of these teams in Round 2, each playing a Game 7 against seriously competitive franchises who were definitely top 8 NHL material.  It speaks to the Golden Knights and Stars endurance and ability to work together, as a team, and pull off such big wins against each other this late in the playoffs.  One of them will go on to the final 2 and have a 50% chance of hoisting and bringing home that Stanley Cup for fans and players alike.  It will take this one some time to draw to a close and give us a winner, that is already apparent, and possibly another sprint to a Game 7 winner seems likely on the horizon.  We’ll see who takes Game 3 tomorrow evening, check your local listings for puck drop and pregame coverage, then come back here for my Game 3 wrap Friday, as our search narrows for the best NHL team in 2020!


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