Golden Knights

Stars Vs. Knights-Game 3

Last night’s game between the Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights was one of great defense yet again.  It took till the very end of Period 2 for one team to finally break through, that team was Dallas, as J. Oleksiak found the net.  Early into Period 3 S. Theodore found it for Vegas and we had a tied game, but that wouldn’t last for very long.  Just minutes later J. Benn would find the net again for Dallas and give them the lead yet again.  With less than 8 minutes left in regulation though, A. Tuch would find the goal again for Vegas, Dallas would challenge but lose it as the goal stood as called.  We now had a tied game and would head back into the frequent overtime land!  That being said, if you looked away from your TV for even a minute, you probably missed the entire overtime!  Why?  Dalla’s A, Radulov scored just 31 seconds in, making the final score 3 – 2 and securing a Game 3 win for his team!

These teams are so fun to watch, there is an energy about them, and a skill set that shows they are the two best teams in the West Conference.  The next game is scheduled for Saturday, check your local stations for pregame and puck drop!  With Dallas up now 2 – 1 in the series, we will see if Vegas can match them to tie yet again, or if Dallas takes a lead which requires only 1 more win before advancing to the Stanley Cup 2020 Final!


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