Golden Knights

Stars Vs. Knights Game 4

In another close game, it took us well into Period 2 for anyone to best their opponents defense, and it was the Golden Knights A, Martinez who broke through the ice.  Unfortunately for the Golden Knights, the Stars would answer this goal in a matter of minutes by way of J. Pavelski, then Captain J. Benn would add the icing to their cake with another, just before Period 2 ended.  Try as they might the Golden Knights defended their net great in Period 3, but couldn’t put up another goal to tie it up, and the Dallas lead of 2 – 1 was all they needed to pull away with the W.

This win gives the Stars a 3 – 1 series lead, which is huge for a team the Stanley Cup has evaded for 20 years, as they are only 1 win away from a bid to the final Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2020.  However, that final 4th win will be hard to get, as the Golden Knights are also working towards glory, having been here in just 2018 and knocked out at the same point, the West Conference Final.  So, as we head into tomorrow nights elimination game, I expect to see a push from both the Stars and Golden Knights, as one fights to go on the other is simply fighting for the next game.  Each has show they can hang, pulling out big surprises and wins, when their backs are against the wall.  Still, I wonder if the Golden Knights can hold up against a team knowing they are a single win away from a point their franchise hasn’t reached in 2 decades.  Tune into what is sure to be a defensive battle tomorrow evening, as the Stars look to close out their series, and the Golden Knights look to stay alive!


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