Stanley Cup Final – Game 3

So, remember two articles ago, in Stanley Cup Final – Game 1. how I said the Tampa Bay Lightning had to push to win the cup against the Dallas Stars?  I think they listened!  Last night the lightning came out swinging, scoring with N. Kucherov and S.. Stamkos back to back, this was in just the first 7 minutes!  Before Period 1 was over though, the Stars came back to cut the score deficit to one, by way of J. Dickinson.  The Lightning didn’t like being up by only a goal, so they went on a scoring spree, with V. Hedman, B. Point, and O. Palat each scoring one in Period 2.  They also put the Stars offence on ice for the entire period.  With the score 5 – 1 in favor of the lighting going into Period 3, the Stars had a lot of ice to make up, but even an early goal from J. Dickinson couldn’t rally the team.  The Lightning would strike again, now two games in a row, wining 5 – 2.

So, this leaves the Lightning with a one-game series lead.  It is significant, but nothing the Stars haven’t bounced back from before, however Game 4 is when that needs to happen.  If the Lightning go up to a two-game series lead, I’m sorry to say, the Lightning could have this cup in their trophy case.  I say this, not doubting the Stars ability to come back, but because I can’t doubt the Lightning’s ability to win.  Having to win one game to advance to another round is big, but being one game away from winning a Stanley Cup in a weird 2020, that is the fork ready to be stuck in the 2019 – 2020 season.

Games 4 and 5 will be quick, with Game 4 on NBC Primetime Friday, and Game 5 the same time Saturday.  This is another reason why I say Game 4 is so vital to the Stars coming back into this series, if the Lightning transfers their momentum from Wednesday into Friday, there may be no stopping them Saturday.  The result, this could all be over.  So, the Lightning bounced back to make this a series, however, if the Stars want to stay alive and keep it going, it is now their turn to bounce back or forfeit that 2020 Stanley Cup.  We will watch anxiously to find out what twist, or turn, this series takes next Friday night!


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