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All Eyes on Mick Schumacher – More Than Just a Name?

Mick Schumacher. Image From Ferrari Media Archives.

Tomorrow a Schumacher will drive a Formula One car during the first practice session of the 2020 Eifel Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. Nothing that uncommon or special, huh? Well, wrong. The last time another Schumacher took part in a race weekend was on November 25, 2012 in Brazil. Then the man with 7 championships, Michael Schumacher (51), completed his 308th and final Formula One appearance. Coming back to present days, multiple sources have already indicated that tomorrow Alfa Romeo will sign Mick Schumacher for the upcoming 2021 season, and that he will likely parter with Kimi Raikkonen.  Schumacher’s alleged coming to the team means that Antonio Giovinazzi’s Formula One career might soon encounter trouble.

Mick Schumacher (21) is not just Michael Schumacher’s son who now gets to play with fast cars thanks to his family connections. In 2018 he became a Formula Three world champion, which was his first major success. After that, Mick scored a victory in Formula Two last season, and he is now leading the Formula Two championship by 22 points with only 4 more races to go. Even if Mick does not win the 2020 championship, his results alone speak of his competitive performance and potential.

Truth be told, the general expectations about him will likely always remain higher than most due to his lineage and his father’s high status in Formula One. One has to recognize, however, that Mick is a separate human being with his own strengths and weaknesses, walking through his own racing career journey. On the other hand, it is a bit difficult to not compare Mick to his father. After all, Michael Schumacher spent approximately two decades in Formula One, establishing his name as legendary as Ayrton Senna’s or Niki Lauda’s.

Being realistic, Michael was not a hero to everyone. Just like any racing driver, Michael had his followers, his hardcore haters (whom he still has, despite being in a vegetative state since 2013), and the ones who just did not care all that much. Should we expect something different about Mick’s popularity? Probably not. People on various social media platforms are already arguing about whether he would do great or fail miserably as a Formula One driver. And in reality, we do not know. Moreover, it is impossible to know until at least several seasons have passed. For example, it took his father five years to win his 3rd driver’s championship. Lewis Hamilton’s second championship came 6 seasons after his maiden one, and currently he is on track to establish new great records in Formula One. Sometimes good results in car racing just take more time, and those who persevere through hardships are more prompt to future success.

Make sure to follow the story more closely in the next few days. The drivers’ market has almost achieved its complete shape for the next three or so Formula One seasons. Let us know how you feel about Mick’s racing career so far in the comment section down below. Meanwhile, SkullKing Sports will continue to keep you posted on the subject.


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