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CBJ signs Mikko Koivu

This is a big one, and I’m going to break it all down for you as to why!

For starters, this man’s stats are just incredible.  At 1.028 games played this man has an astonishing 205 goals on his own, so far, and an outrageous 504 assists, for a total of an astronomical 709 points in his career, so far!  With 15 years in the NHL at age 37, he can take several players who are new to the NHL, like several young Blue Jackets for example, using his conditioned leadership to mentor.  Only ever being a Minnesota Wild, Drafted in 2001, taken Round 1 and 6th overall, this will be Koivu’s first time on a new team since his name was selected 19 years ago.  Only being second highest in goals, he holds the record in the Wild’s books for his total games played, number of assists, and total points as an individual player.  In this last season with them, he was on the ice for 55 games, with a total of 21 points overall from 4 goals and 17 assists.  Not bad at all for a captain of 10 years!  (

Although this is just for a 1 season deal, 2020 – 2021, I think he could be a huge asset from his leadership abilities to his hunger to still get in the game and make great plays.  I am stunned that the Wild let go of such a seasoned and expert Captain, but we’ll gladly take the Finland star, and proudly put him in our Blue Jacket’s Jersey this upcoming season.  Welcome to the team Mikko Koivu!  If you would like to read more of his stats from previous seasons you can here: (

Go Jackets!



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