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3 – Year CBJ Contract for Gavrikov

Defenseman V. Gavrikov, 24, has been awarded with a shinny new 3 – year contract.  This 8.4 Million contract will pay him 2.8 million a season and will not expire till the teams 2022 – 2023 season.  Studying under the greats of S. Jones and Z. Werenski, the Russian hockey player is ready to step into his new contract and role as he leaves free agency, and remains in his Blue Jackets jersey for the distant future.  (

Over this previous season with the team, Gavrikov played in a total 69 games of the 70 regular season, before it was cut short due to the COVID pandemic.  Over that time he had 5 goals, with an additional 13 assists, for a total of 18 points.  Further he played in every playoff game, 10 total, and helped the team with a solid goal and 2 additional assists.  This is a young player with continuous promise and we look forward to his return to the ice next season!



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