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CBJ 20K for 20 Years!

CBJ fans, it’s stunning that this is the 20th anniversary of our Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey Team, and there is a virtual way to celebrate!  The typical CBJ 5th Line 5K has been postponed until spring, the hope is that it may be held in person, but there is an alternative, the CBJ 20K!  In this new event, you have 20 days to walk or run a 20K, anywhere.  So, starting January 11th and concluding on January 31st, just walk or run 1,000 steps a day to reach the end goal.  It’s so easy, take a break from work and walk, run in the morning, walk your dog or play with your kids, it’s so simple!  You get several things in your registration packet too, including an event metal and a tee shirt, so you can brag about it to your friends.  Better yet, get them involved with you, create a team, and when in person hockey begins again, you can all wear your shirts to a game together!  The link below will take your right to the registration page, $40 per person, but the shirt is worth that in itself.  Also, you can feel good, because $5 of that goes to the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation.  Start off the 2021 year with something healthy for yourself physical and mental.  I can’t wait to join you!



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