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CBJ Covid-19 Update

Nothing has yet been confirmed or denied by the Columbus Blue Jackets team, however several outlets are reporting about the teams issues with Covid-19. and those reports are not good.  We already knew that the second practice, containing Group Be, was canceled today, January 8th.  Portzline has listed at least 16 players who did not report to their practice today.  Considering that the full roster is only 41 right now, due to Covid-19, this is an epic number if true; nearly half the team held out from practice, due to potential positive tests and or contact tracing, is serious.  We must keep in mind that “abundance of caution” keeps coming up, so this may be an inflated number to keep players safe, however it is concerning still.  We have just 6 days till the new season is due to start, at the Predator’s, with games on the 14th and 16th of January.

Further, we have some names of who was missing today, and part of that large 17 number.  This information is Via who got theirs from a Tweet via Portzline ( Those most notable players include Foligno, Jones, Jenner, Domi, Texier, and Bjorkstrand.  What will this mean for the team moving forward?  We will have to wait and find out, remember this is all just observation, and normally I would wait for more information.  This is a developing story though, and given the severity this could have on the team and season start, I want to be sure our Skullking Sport readers are aware from the start.  This could be something or nothing, and like you, I hope it is nothing.  News broke today however, that the Dallas Starts season has been delayed, for this exact reason.  We hope for good news, but know regardless you can always find updates here, as we hope the best for our players.


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