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Covid-19 Delays Practice For CBJ and NHL

We all knew that Covid-19 would be as much a part of this upcoming 2020-2021 NHL season as ice itself, but still, I think we all hoped it would hold off a little, before the wrath of the virus began to affect teams.  Unfortunately, that hope is unfound, as camps have been open for little time, and we’re already seeing cases forcing players out, and contact tracing doing the same.  When it comes to the Columbus Blue Jackets, no official number of players testing positive, or held out due to contact tracing, has been released.  The team is simply saying “a number of players” as quoted by (–1/1/109113).  Worse news, the full Group B practice was later canceled for today, January 8th.  For right now this is all we know, but with media sources confirming, including and WSYX ABC 6 News, this is fact.  Nothing about which payers may be effected, but we will stay on top of this developing story, and bring you the latest once it is released.  Of course, we wish any players and staff effected a speedy and complete recover, and return to the ice.


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