CBJ Aquire New Goaltender Cam Johnson!

Multiple sources have reported that just hours ago, the Columbus Blue Jackets acquired Goaltender Cam Johnson! (https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2021/01/blue-jackets-sign-cam-johnson.html)  This will be a one year deal for an unknown amount of money, and will also serve as a two-way contract for the 26-year-old player.  Johnson played 25 games last season with the minor Florida Everglades. racking up some awing numbers, including 2 game shutouts, a GAA of 2.32, and an SV of .925.  No doubt notable, but he has built upon this, even so early in the minor season.   In a very minimal 7 games, he improved and aspired beyond, with a1.77 GAA and a .941 SV.  Any team would be crazy to pass on such talent, as a desire to push and improve to this extent, shows passion for the game of hockey.

With plenty of years left to play, he has has broken through the ice, being noticed by the Columbus Blue Jackets.  We will be happy to see him as a seasoned backup, just in case, especially as the team reported multiple players out of practice yesterday, for Covid issues and uncertainties.  Because of this, Johnson could be called to perform sooner, rather than later.  Personally, with his improvements, and 2 shutouts in so few games this season, I think he is ready to make his mark on some major-league ice!

Go CBJ, and welcome Cam Johnson!


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