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The roster for the upcoming season is taking shape, as game 1 for the Columbus Blue Jackets is still scheduled for January 14, in Nashville.  This season there are many new adjustments for teams, as we continue to play hockey in a world still gripped by Covid.  Along with the new divisions, the Canada teams only playing in Canada, and no fans, we can also add a Taxi Squad, to the list of new this 2020-2021 season.  The Taxi Squad is a backup mini team, who will follow the set roster team, the men will be used if a player is injured or placed on the Covid list.  It is, more or less a buffer, to aid teams so they can continue to play games if players test positive or are injured, as to hopefully avoid canceling or rescheduling games.  The Taxi Squad for the Blue Jackets was set today, it is listed below (


Gavin Bayruether

Adam Clendening


Zac Dalpe

Nathan Gerbe

Stefan Matteau

Ryan MacInnis,


Cam Johnson

All players must be accepted as part of the American Hockey League, via a waver, before officially placed on the Blue Jackets Taxi Squad.  Also, for this group to be eligible, by NHL Rule, there must be a serving goalie on the roster.  If not drafted by any other teams by 12 PM today, this is your CBJ Taxi Squad!  Stay tuned, we are expecting the final CBJ 2020-2021 Season Roster any moment now, we’ll report it as soon as it is released.  Get excited, hockey has returned, tomorrow for the NHL and only two more days for your Columbus Blue Jackets!


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