Hockey is Back, 2020-2021 Season Starts Now!

Today is the big day for hockey fans everywhere, the NHL will open it’s 2020-2021 season tonight at 5:30 PM, when the Penguins take on the Flyers!  It has been a rough road for the NHL, starting last March, when all games were suspended due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  The rest of the season was scrapped due to uncertainties, followed by the decision a bubble was created in Canada, where two cities hosted 24 teams.  This served as a very unique playoff, which the Tampa Bay Lightning won, skating away with the 2020 Stanley Cup.

Now after financial negotiations, decisions to have no fans at games, and reassigning all divisions to keep players and coaches safe, we will have a 2020-2021 season.  A much needed joy and distraction, as Covid rages on, this is a piece of altered normalcy we are excited to see return.  The following games will also be played tonight, when the NHL season opens:

Penguins-Flyers @ 5:30 PM

Canadians-Maple Leafs @ 7:00 PM

Blackhawks-Lightning @ 8:00 PM

Canucks-Oilers @ 10:00 PM

Blues-Avalanche @ 10:30 PM

Welcome back hockey, coaches and players stay safe, and we can’t wait to see you back on the ice!


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