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Game Review 1/19/21

It was a night of ups, and downs, for the fourth game of the season in Detroit.  In Period 1 the game remained scoreless, 0-0.  In Period 2 we saw some fire as Jenner scored again this season, his second, but this was followed by a double score for the Red Wings, by Mantha and Ryan.  2-1 Red Wings.  In Period 3, we had a combined effort from Texier and Foody, giving us a 2-2 knot up and taking us into Overtime.

Unfortunately, this time around, Overtime was not a friend to the Columbus Blue Jackets.  It took the Red Wings Bertuzzi no time to score.  And when I say no time, it took 0:15.  This was a result of another 2 opponent vs. 1 CBJ player, in a race to the goal.  This situation has bitten the Blue Jackets now several times this season, in just 4 games, it must be fixed.  Beyond this the defense and offence weren’t so bad tonight, the team is growing, but it has to do so faster to be competitive in such a short season. With only 52 games left, and the home opener Thursday against the current Stanley Cup champs, the Tampa Bay Lightning, this will be the Blue Jackets chance to step into the light and the challenges that the NHL has offered them this season.

See you for puck drop, 8 PM at Nationwide Arena, Thursday night.  Although there will be no in-person attendees, 5th line, lets make it loud enough they can hear us from home, because this is our home!



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