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Fantasy RBs Who Were on Most Playoff Teams (ESPN)

Here is a list of the top 6 Fantasy running backs who were most popular on playoff teams, according to ESPN. The list will include the order in what percent fantasy teams made the playoffs, their Average Draft Position (ADP), and their total fantasy points.

  1.  James Robinson – (JAX) 223.8 fantasy points, 67% of playoff teams, ADP: Undrafted
  2.  Alvin Kamara – (NO) 280.8 FPTS, 60%, ADP: 6.1
  3. Dalvin Cook – (MIN) 275.4 FPTS, 57%, ADP: 5.7
  4.  Myles Gaskin – (MIA) 112.6 FPTS, 55%, ADP: Undrafted
  5. Mike Davis – (CAR) 163.3 FPTS, 54%, Undrafted
  6. Aaron Jones – (GB) 193.3 FPTS, 51%, 18.2 ADP

Let’s breakdown the qualities in which these running backs share.

The top player out of all positions who was owned on most teams who made the playoffs was RB James Robinson. Robinson became the starting running back after Leonard Fournette was shipped to Tampa Bay, and Robinson had an amazing year. He finished with 1,414 scrimmage yards on 289 touches. He also scored 10 TDs and played 14 out of 16 games. Robinson finished as RB7 after being undrafted by fantasy and actual teams. This is the main reason why he was on most playoff teams, because he was so cheap to get. He only costed a waiver wire pickup and nothing more. Undrafted players who take a huge leap like Robinson did, will be super valuable during the fantasy season. 3 out of the 6 running backs on this list were undrafted and helped fantasy teams make the playoffs.

Myles Gaskin and Mike Davis became valuable assets after also being undrafted last year. Gaskin only played 10 games last year but he had great performances for being undrafted. He did miss a crucial part of the year (Weeks 7, 9-12, and 14-15) but he scored 8 touchdowns between the last 6 weeks he played, and finished as RB27. Mike Davis took over after Christian McCaffrey’s injuries and he was able to reach over 1,000 yards for the first time in his career, and was able to fill in and finish as RB18.

The other 3 RBs ended up being drafted within the first two rounds and had great years. Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook, and Aaron Jones finished the year as RB2, RB3, and RB5, respectively. All of these RBs costed a high draft pick but they were able to live up to the hype.

A major takeaway from this would be to always stay on top of NFL transactions and injury news. Once Leonard Fournette was traded to Tampa Bay, the fantasy owners who made the move to grab James Robinson likely made the playoffs because of it. Once CMC was injured, fantasy owners who grabbed Mike Davis also benefitted greatly. Always value your waiver wire position as well! Don’t ever waste your waiver wire spot on a player you only need for one week such as a kicker or a defense. You never know when you can pick up a league winner and you don’t want to be too low on the waiver wire to get him.



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