NHL Viewing Options Could Expand

With the season being shorter this 2020-2021 NHL season, there is a push from the NHL to bring the playoffs to a wider viewing audience, and make up some revenue at the same time.  This could be a good thing for viewers when it comes to this seasons playoff and beyond, as the conclusion of this regular season also concludes the contract with NBC excusably.  The current thought is that the NHL will branch out of this exclusivity bubble, tagging on a streaming service with content of it’s own.  NBC does have a new streaming platform, Peacock, so this may be the first option they entertain.

On the other hand, the league can also pivot to a competitor, like a Fox or even Disney owned ESPN+, while leaving USA as the mainstay for Cable subscribers through NBC.  Remember, NBCSN will be no more at the conclusion of 2021, resulting in the shift to USA Network to fulfill the broadcasting deal via NBC.  And if you don’t want to pay for a streaming service, if ESPN+ did get streaming rights, there is a chance they would filter content to ABC as well.  It will be interesting to see what rout the league takes, to keep fans happy, and to make the league back money due to the season without fans, thus far.  When a new deal is reached, Skullking Sports will inform you where to find the 2021 Stanley Cup, and the next 2021-2022 NHL season.  Via The New York Post ( https://nypost.com/2021/02/17/nhls-hunt-for-tv-money-may-venture-into-new-platforms/

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